The 68 mm thick wooden window is a tried and tested natural product that will give your building a pleasant atmosphere and a sense of cosiness and comfort. The product is suitable for use in new construction and renovated buildings. It features three different designs, allowing you to adapt it to the style of your building.

The wooden windows from this product range are distinguished by the structurally stable mortise and tenon corner joints, the high-quality precision processing of the wood profiles using a new, technologically advanced production line and comprehensive triple-layer surface treatment. The product meets the criteria of the Eco Fund of the Republic of Slovenia.

  • Design

  • Wood types and colours

  • Glazing

  • Security

  • Technical details

  • Advantages

INO-68 Standard
Angular edge lines and glazing bars that nicely match modern architecture.
INO-68 Standard B
A wood window with straight lines and a wood weatherboard.

INO-68 Stil A
Stylish edges with a unique design create a sense of cosiness and warmth.
INO-68 Stil B
Solid wood window with a wooden drip cap that nicely matches the architecture of older buildings.
September 22, 2020

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June 23, 2020


July 11, 2018

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July 11, 2018

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