The energy-saving window is manufactured in a natural and renewable material – wood.
The thickness of the profiles 92 mm enables high structural stability of the product.
By installing thicker three-layer glass (from 44 to 57 mm) with thermal transmittance Ug = 0.5 Wm² / K and TGI interglazed spacer the thermal transmittance of the whole window is Uw = 0.76 Wm² / K.
The product is suitable for installation in high-quality LOW-ENERGYbuildings.
All corner joints on the frame and casement are the mortise and tenon type, which is the strongest joint available in window frame construction.
Also, the frame members of the frame and skirts are glued against the surface treatment to prevent the entry of water into the bond and the related injury.

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A modern angular look for modern architecture.