Insect screens are an effective protection against annoying insects for all types of windows.
Available in various designs, colours and sizes.
Can be installed as a standalone product or as an addition to external window shutters. Available in combination with roller blinds, exterior Venetian blinds and shutters.

  • Variants

  • Aluminium casing colours

  • Various fabric types

  • Advantages of insect screens

Roller screens
Insect screen roller blinds are especially convincing due to their flexible scope of application and their design. Lateral brush channels prevent the screen cloth from unthreading in the wind and a height adjustable shaft plus the unroll edge ensure a permanently taut and parallelguided screen. The integrated brake ensures still more operating comfort and the adjustable spring tension allows that the pull bar will be self-locking at any desired point.

Sash frame
The elegant sash frames are mainly used for large openings, e.g. lift and slide doors, French doors, winter garden or balcony and terrace openings. One winged and also complex, up to six winged installations, are employed. Despite the small mounting depth, the profiles are exceptionally robust and enable large connected fabric surfaces for clear views to the outside.

Fixed frames
The installation is simple and the frame can mostly be set into place with stainless steel brackets without the need for any drilling. Due to the attractive, timeless design, the tensioned screen frames blend harmoniously into the overall picture of your house. They enjoy great acceptance due to the simple and unobtrusive installation.

Rotating frame
Rotating frames are the perfect answer for keeping unwelcomed visits from insects at bay. They lend themselves well with windows, balcony or terrace doors and provide 100% protection from insects. Their operation is simple and they provide reliable protection..

Pleated screens
The pleated screen with its outstanding appearance is reminiscent of pleated blinds. It doesn’t require any pivot range and therefore space saving when installed. The pleated screen is very weather-resistant and very easy to use and barrier free. Its name is derived from the “Pleating” of the sturdy fabric..